First WSOP Poker Tour of The Year As Arrived

The spring season has arrived, the sun is already warming up everyone around, and the first round of WSOP poker tournaments of the year is here. For those who did not know, every year 4 WSOP online poker rounds are held. Spring Circuit is the first.

WSOP Spring Circuit

WSOP Spring Circuit took place between 24.3-17.4.22 during this period of time, 18 different poker tournaments with total prizes of over $100 million will play online.

What else do you need to know about the Spring Circuit?

  • The main event tournament total prizes will exceed the $ 5,000,000 !!
  • Winners of the various tournaments will have the opportunity to join the GGPoker Team of Champions.
  • 18 luxury rings and no bracelets will be awarded to the winners.
  • One of the main events will be to raise funds for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

WSOP Ring Events

Which kind of players are participating in the WSOP tournaments?

The players who play in those WSOP tournaments, are not a beginner players, these are players who play many poker tournaments online and have gained a lot of experience to compete respectfully with hundreds and thousands of players who take part in the various tournaments trying to win millions of dollars. If you are a beginner player, we recommend that you first participate in online  tournaments for beginner and only after you gain some experience move on to play WSOP tournaments.

If you are still planning to participate in one or various WSOP tournaments, You should know that if you will be lucky or maybe not, you can meet among the players who will participate in the tournaments, some of the most professional poker players in the world like Daniel Negreanu, Elki, Jason Koon, Dan Bilzarain, Fedor Holtz and more.

How do you sign up for the Spring Circuit Poker Tournaments?

Registration for the WSOP tournaments is possible through the two leading poker platforms 7XL Poker and GGPoker depends on your area of residence. While GGPoker also offers a bonus for new subscribers of up to $ 600 (click here to register) 7XL Poker is an excellent, convenient and extremely popular poker platform (click here to register).

After registering, look for the Tournaments option in the top menu and then click on the WSOP option.


Spring Circuit – Main Event – $ 5M GTD

The main event had a $ 525 entry fee and with a guaranteed total prize pool of minimum $ 5,000,000. The tournament is divided into a Day 1 tournament – a preliminary tournament, in which players have to survive until the end of stage 20, where 5,000-10,000 blinds end. Players who complete Day 1 will qualify for Day 2 which is played on 17.4.

For 13 days, players were given the opportunity to play Day 1 – a preliminary tournament as many times as they wanted. In the first day on 24.3 we had only two tournaments and as time went on the amount of preliminary tournaments increased and at its peak even reached five a day.

The duration of the preliminary tournament was around 4:30 hours, and the number of players registered ranged from 100 to 300 players, about 10% of the players who registered for the preliminary tournaments, qualified for the final day – day 2.

The Main Tournament Prize Table
Poker players in the WSOP tournament

Main Event – The Final Tournament 17.4.22

At 17:30 UTC on 17.4.22, 2,077 players reached the final game, securing their place in the finals out of 13,397 additional player entries and purchases. Before the beginning, the players already knew the total guaranteed prizes which exceeded far above the $ 5,000,000 threshold and  were set at $ 6,698,500 Which with no doubt added to the motivation of the players to finish in the highest places possible.

The tournament started straight from blinds 6,000-12,000 and lasted about 9 hours and ended at 14:35 UTC.
The winner of this great WSOP tournament was an Israeli poker player with the nickname Pisgapoker_1 who qualified for the final day with only 307,478 chips (less than 30 BB) and surprised everyone, and won first place and a prize of $ 634,855. The last three was an Austrian player and a Canadian player.

Final table WSOP Main event

The achievements of US poker players

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