How to Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card For BetOnline 

BetOnline poker app, allow its players to deposit money into their account using Bitcoin. BetOnline, unlike other poker apps, also allows players to deposit Altcoins such as Ethereum, ApeCoin, Avax, and Shiba to their account and on top of that BetOnline also add the bonuses for making a deposit using cryptocurrencies.

In this guide we will interduce you with 2 ways to buy Bitcoin using your credit card quickly and easily. If you haven't signed up for BetOnline yet, first follow our BetOnline registration guide.

First Option –

To get started, go to the and type the amount in US dollars (or any other currency you want to use) which you want to buy Bitcoin with. Make sure you are on the correct purchase currency (USD) and on Bitcoin as the receiving currency (BTC). and click on Continue.

Buy bitcoin with credit card  

Then type your email address. If this is your first time using the service, a verification code will be sent to your email, copy the code and type it, then click Continue.

 If you have used the service before, you will not have to enter any personal details or verify your email account.

enter your email address
Verify your email account

Enter your personal details and your credit card billing address (Use only up-to-date information otherwise your transaction will not approve).

Enter your basic details
Enter your billing address

Next step, type in your credit card information and click Continue. On the next screen, enter your Bitcoin wallet address (Your personal wallet or your bitcoin wallet address on Betonline) when finished, click Continue again.

Add your credit card number
Add your bitcoin wallet address

You are almost done, now, confirm that you understand the transaction you are doing, and on next screen make sure that all the details you have entered are correct and click on Pay.

Confirm you understand
Make sure all is correct

Your credit card company will might send you a verification code for this transaction to the phone number associated with the credit card you used. Enter the code you received.

Verification code by the credit card company

After approval, your transaction is processing. It can take from a few minutes to a few hours (Usually it takes a few minutes to get the Bitcoin). When all circles are green, you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your transaction.

On your credit card bill this transaction will be shown from MoonPay.

Processing transaction
Transaction complete.

That's all, simple and quick. The Bitcoin will be sent to the wallet address you specified.

The service mentioned above provided by external websites and  user who makes use of this information does so based on his/her discretion and responsibility.

Second Option –

To get started, go to and decide with what amount you want to buy Bitcoin today. Prepare in advance  your Bitcoin wallet address on (Copy Paste next bottom red arrow) Betonline or any other Bitcoin wallet of your choice.

How to buy bitcoin with your credit card
After you type the amount in dollars, you will see the amount of Bitcoin you will get. Click Continue to Confirm.

Next Step – Payment:

Choose your preferred payment method, payment by credit card (recommended) or payment by bank transfer, and click on Continue.

Choose your preferred payment method

On the next screen, type in your full credit card information, when finished, click Next.

Type in the credit card information to buy Bitcoin

Fill in the additional information that confirm that you own this credit card belongs to you (Typing incorrect details will lead to this transaction not being approved) when finished, click on Pay Now.

Type in your personal information

Next – Read and confirm your transaction by clicking I Agree.

Confirm your transaction


If you are using for the first time, you must verify your identity, a one-time operation. Upload a photo of your ID card and fill in your personal details exactly as they are written on your ID card you uploaded, when finished click on Upload Document.

Upload ID card

Fill in your personal details

With your approval, the system will process all the  information you provided (Will takes several seconds) and will confirmed it quickly (If everything was verified). The Bitcoin will be sent to the wallet address you requested.

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Pro –  Cons Using Chainbits to Buy Bitcoin 


  • The purchase is quick and easy, within a few minutes the Bitcoin will reach your wallet.
  • Buy Bitcoin using credit cards Visa or Mastercard.
  • You can purchase by bank transfer.
  • Identity verification is done only once.
  • Get bonuses from Betonline for deposit Bitcoin


  • Commissions range 10%-22% depending on the amount of your purchase.


Using Chainbits is simple and convenient. It is suitable for people who do not want to insert their credit card information into the various poker applications. Deposit with Bitcoin to Betonline poker is recommended because you will receive a bonus for every deposit you make.

The service mentioned above provided by external websites and  user who makes use of this information does so based on his/her discretion and responsibility.

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