How to Make a Deposit to 7XL Poker?

By using Bitcoin or transferring funds from other players

After downloading 7XL poker software and registering you are a short distance from playing poker online with 7XL, all you have to do is just to make a deposit to your account.

You can make a deposit by purchasing Bitcoin with your credit card in a simple quick operation that takes only 3 minutes.

Remember, a 7XL agent is not required at any stage of the registration or deposit process.

If you have not yet registered for 7XL Poker, go through our registration guide, or simply click here.

How to Make a Deposit:

Step 1:
Log into the 7XL poker software on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. As soon as the software comes up, click on the Cashier button (marked with red square).

Clcik on 7XL Cashier

Step 2:
In the Cashier menu, click on the Deposit option and then, choose Bitcoin as the payment method with which you want to transfer money to your account (you can also deposit using Tether currency, which is another cryptocurrency whose value is stable and is always equivalent to 1 dollar, but 7XL charge a fee for using it).

Make a deposit to 7XL guide

On the next screen, you will see a long Bitcoin wallet address, a combination of English letters and numbers (indicated by the upper red arrow).

This is your Bitcoin wallet address in your 7XL account, and you Must deposit the bitcoin only for this address.

Copy your address using the COPY button and PASTE it to the wallet or website from which you want to send the Bitcoin.

If you want to know the value of your Bitcoin, use the rates calculator to know exactly what your bitcoin value is according to the current rate (marked with the red arrows).

Your funds (Bitcoin) will enter your account after 1 confirmation of the Bitcoin network.

Deposit funds to your account in 7XL

 How to Withdrawal Money From 7XL 

The withdrawal operation is simple and fast, and it starts by pressing the Cashier button.

On the next screen choose Withdrawal (indicated by the top red arrow).

You can choose to withdraw funds using Bitcoin directly to your Bitcoin wallet or to withdraw funds using Tether stable coin direct to your wallet such as Metamask (Indicated by the red arrows).

Withdrawal method from 7XL

If you chose to withdrawal using Bitcoin, enter the amount you want to withdraw (In dollars) in the left column (indicated by the left arrow). On the right column add your wallet address (indicated by the right arrow) to where you withdrawing the money (it is very important to make sure that the wallet address is accurate to avoid losing funds).

Then click on Order Withdrawal and confirm the transaction. The transaction will be processed and will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet up to 10 hours from the moment the withdrawal is made.

You have nothing to worry about the rate changing of the Bitcoin while waiting. Because, the Bitcoin rate will be set right before sending your funds to your wallet.

Withdrawal funds to your bitcoin wallet

How to Transfer Funds From Another Player in 7XL Poker?

If you have a friend/s who is already playing poker with 7XL, they can send you funds to your account in just a few seconds.

Just tell your friend to click on the Cashier button (if he using the laptop or tablet poker app, (indicated by the red arrow) or if he using mobile device, to press on the plus (+) sign in the mobile menu.

On the next screen, (see attached picture)

Transfer funds between players in 7XL

  • Click on Transfer (indicated by the top red arrow).
  • Click on Transfer to – Username (marked by the, middle red arrow) and type in the player username which need to send funds to (the username you pick during registration).
  • Type in the amount you want to transfer (indicated by the lower red arrow) and click on the Transfer button at the bottom of the page.
    Funds will be transfer to your account immediately and you will be able to start playing poker online.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Three Minutes?

Make a quick deposit to 7XL Poker using credit card to buy Bitcoin.

The process of purchasing Bitcoin is simple and fast and not complicated at all.
You have two recommended options for buying Bitcoin with a credit card.

With these two website you can send the Bitcoin directly to your 7XL poker account and to start playing poker online immediately.

First Option MoonPay

Purchase Bitcoin using a credit card at
This is the fastest way, to buy Bitcoin and to sent it directly to the wallet address you choose (for example your bitcoin address in the 7XL poker app).

The advantage using MoonPay, is that there is no need to upload an ID, only to type in some personal details. The downside is that you can buy with your credit card up to $100 in each transaction.

To get started, go to and type the amount in Dollars which you want to buy Bitcoin with. Make sure you are on the Dollar currency (USD) and on the receiving currency Bitcoin (BTC). and click on Continue.

Buy Bitcoin with credit card for 7XL poker

Then type your email account.

Type in valid email

If this is the first time you are using the service, a verification code will be sent to your email account, copy the code, and type it, click Continue.

Verify your account

Type in your personal details.

Fill in MoonPay form

and your credit card billing address (Use accurate details only, otherwise the credit card company will not approve your transaction).

Fill in your billing address

Then, type in your credit card information and click Continue.

Write your credit card number

On the next screen, enter your Bitcoin wallet address (it can be your personal wallet or your Bitcoin address in the 7XL app) when finished, click Continue again.

Copy paste your bitcoin wallet address

After that, confirm your transaction, and on the next screen make sure that all the details you have entered are correct.

Confirm its a safe wallet

If everything is correct, click on Pay.

confirm your order and click Pay

Some credit card companies will do a quick verification for this transaction, and will send you a confirmation code to your phone number associated with the credit card you used.

Enter the code you received.

Type in verification code

After approval, your transaction is in process. It can take between few minutes and up to a few hours (usually it takes a few minutes to complete the purchase and to send the Bitcoin).

Processing the transaction

After the final approval (When all circles are green) you will receive an email summarizing the transaction.

The transaction using moonpay completed

On your credit card bill, you will see a charge from – MoonPay.

Second Option

Purchase Bitcoin using credit card at

Another easy and fast way to purchase Bitcoin and to sent it directly to your wallet address at 7XL poker app, is using

The advantage is that the transfer is made immediately and does not require you to open any trading accounts in any crypto trading exchanges. The disadvantage is the process fee is bit high.

To get started, go to, type the amount in Dollars you want to purchase Bitcoin with, and enter your wallet address (where you want the money to be sent, your private wallet or your wallet address on the 7XL poker app).

buy bitcoin wit credit card

Next, choose your preferred payment method, payment by credit card (recommended) or payment by bank transfer, and click Continue.

Payment method

On the next screen, type in your credit card information, when finished, click Next.

Fill in your credit card information

Fill in the additional details to confirm your credit card belongs to you. When finished, click on Pay Now.

Write your personal details

Review and confirm your transaction by clicking I Agree.

Confirm your transaction

Last step is to upload a photocopy of your ID card from both sides (driver's license is recommended) fill in your details exactly according to the ID card you uploaded.

Upload a photo of your ID

When Finished, click on Upload Document.

Write your personal details

After clicking, the system will process all your data (several seconds) and if all the details are accurate, your transaction will be confirmed, and the Bitcoin will be sent to the wallet address you specified.

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