How To Start Playing Online Poker?

Welcome to our poker community, where all are welcome whether they are beginners, Omaha fans, or professional players who dominate the WSOP.
If every new flop excites you, your place is definitely with us. As a poker fan, playing online poker is a necessity, and you must choose the right poker platform for you.

To start playing poker online today, there are numerous platforms available like the popular and well-known GGPoker or the surprising BetOnline poker platform. Sign up today! And who knows, maybe your name will be amongst the participants in the WSOP main event next year. Good Luck!

Popular poker sites for online poker games

So Why Play Poker?

Poker, the game we all remember we saw in the movies when we was young, has returned in recent years as its newer and more attractive version called Texas Hold’em or Omaha Hold’em. Unlike conventional poker, in Texas and Omaha Hold’em Poker, players use community cards that are visible to all, each player must try to create the strongest hand combination with the pair of personal cards he received, along with the community cards.

Very quickly, the new versions of the game spread all over the world and became a national and competitive phenomenon in every country across the globe.

Each year, the eyes of every poker lover is set at the world championship of poker – the WSOP held in Las Vegas. Many beginners and professional poker players are willing to pay a $10,000 entry fee to participate in the world championship.

Mostly, poker fans try to meet up every week with their friends to play some live poker, but sometimes these meetings aren't quite enough. That is why the popularity of online poker has seen a sharp rise over the past few years (Especially during covid19 pandemic) resulting in a massive surge of new users signing up for the leading online poker apps such as GGPoker and BetOnline.

Everyone Plays Poker Online

As mentioned before, poker has spread widely. With the technological development along with the spread of the coronavirus in 2020, the popularity of poker has increased substantially online, resulting in its availability to us, at any given moment and, across all platforms including mobile devices, computers, laptops, and tablets. At any part of your day, you can log in and find an online poker room with players from all around the world.

GG Network and BetOnline poker have been the most dominant networks for online gaming since 2017 till this day. BetOnline allows everyone to sign up including an American poker player. Whereas on the GG network there are a few restrictions in some countries. Yet, it is still possible to register for the network via Skin Platforms such as 7XL or Natural8 poker (same games and interface in all skins). These skin platforms have permission to operate in regions where GG is still banned.

The Benefits of Playing Poker Online:

1.You can learn and improve your poker skills in online games

In online poker games, you are exposed to many players, having different levels of poker skills, from all over the world. You can face, learn and apply a few different poker techniques and strategies, which will improve your poker skill set. Use the online platform to your advantage by making some poker moves you would not dare to do at your regular live poker game with friends.


Today, you can play online poker on any mobile device, computer, or tablet. It does not matter if you missed your weekly meeting with the guys, all you need is a good WIFI connection. Log in to your favorite poker app and start playing. Poker is a universal game and poker rooms that run tournaments and cash games take place round the clock.

3.Play for free

All the leading online poker platforms such as GGPoker, BetOnline Poker, 7XL Poker, and Natural8 Poker occasionally offer a wide range of free tournaments (Free Rolls) that allow you to play online poker for free. They even allow their players to play for real money or a ticket to some bigger tournaments. Additionally, in some apps, you will receive some play money upon registration, with which you can play and practice in basic tournaments and even win some more virtual money. Take advantage of these tournaments to learn and improve your poker skills.

For All Online Poker Players!

Some of the poker players have started their poker journey through online poker gaming platforms like Zynga and Facebook. After some time, these players started playing live poker games and the last step for them was to start playing online poker games for real money.

Many poker players have turned their hobby of playing online poker into a real profession, generating real income. Millions of dollars in prizes are awarded in online poker tournaments like the WSOP or EPT series every year. The total winnings of online poker players exceed hundreds of millions of dollars.

Are you the next best online poker player? Maybe! But still, Please don't forget to play responsibly.

Why Play at GGPoker?

If GG network is blocked for registration in your region, you can register for 7XL poker which is part of the GG network.

Available For All Platforms

The GGPoker app is available for all platforms, computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Just download the software and start playing online poker.

Anyone Can Play

GGPoker is the biggest poker platform in the world. Sign up today to GG and find the poker game who suit you the most. Play poker in just a few minutes.

Selection of Games

At GGPoker you can find a large selection and different variations of poker games, not just Texas Hold'em.

Selection of Games

At GGPoker you can find a large selection and different variations of poker games, not just Texas Hold'em.

Why play at BetOnline?

Fast Deposit With Cryptocurrency

Deposits and withdrawals are made quickly by transferring Bitcoin (and some other Alt coins) directly to and from the digital wallet address.

Everyone is Welcome

Players from all over the world can sign up today to BetOnline to play poker. The registration process is quick and simple.

24/7 Live Support

Customer service is available round the clock. Contact a support representative on any topic by chat, phone, or email.

Credit Card Deposit

At BetOnline you can deposit money to your account using your credit card in a simple and fast process (fees apply).

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