Main Event Tournament of WSOP 2021 Is Over

The most famous poker tournament in the world is over. The 52nd main event WSOP tournament in Las Vegas, NV was full of great poker, disappointments and especially one big winner who took the main prize and eight more players who did not come out disappointed with a consolation prize of no less than $ 1,000,000.

Koray Aldmir, from Germany (Initially registered as an Austrian player) who led throughout many parts of the tournament won the first place after defeating 6,650 players. In the last table stage the players played 223 hands, and in the Head Ups he defeated George Holmes who finished in second place.

With this victory, Aldmir entered a prestigious list of German players who won more than $ 10,000,000 in live poker tournaments.

List of players and their position at the last table

Last table winners list courtesy of WSOP.COM
Winners - courtesy of

Last Hand:

Aldmir and Holmes reach the last hand, after playing at the last table 223 hands. Aldmir got 10-7 Diamonds, and Holmes got K Clubs and Q Spades. The flop played in favor of Aldmir with 10-2 Hearts, and 7 Spades. Aldmir made a check and Holmes bet, Aldmir answered him with a re rise. Turn turned into an interesting card, K Spades ​​that gave Holmes top pair, and the thought that he controls the hand. River deliver 9 Clubs, which after Holmes decide to go all in and forced Aldmir to think for long time. At the end, Aldmir, decide to called Holmes's all in and the show down showed that he was not wrong and his 2 pairs won the hand and the entire tournament.

Aldmir played quality poker and won the tournament, he become the second German player who win the tournament in the last 3 years. Well done!

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