Battle Royale Poker – The Last Survivor is The Winner

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Texas hold’em poker is a fun game, and those playing enjoy great atmosphere. In the Battle Royale online poker game, 7XL poker integrated several elements that add great interest to all players and make the game much more exciting and fun. Elements such as bounty, rush poker, and All In mode.

Battle Royale Game Structure

In the Battle Royale format, 30 players start a tournament that is divided into 3 stages.

  • In The First Stage

The players play against the clock for 15 minutes of rush poker as soon as you throw a hand you move to a new table and get a new hand. At the end of 15 minutes, all players who didn't get into the top 15th place (16 and above) are eliminated from the tournament, therefore the players must fight for their place and make sure that they are always in the top 15 latest players. The bounty elements are meaningful here; a player who knocks out another player will get 50% of the bounty that was on the player's head (which adds interest and desire to fight and knock out other players).

If in the first stage, 15 players are eliminated before the end of the clock, the first stage ends, and all the remaining players continue to stage 2.

Pay attention to the bounty that is above the head of each player at the poker table which is designed like a war zone.

Level 1 Battle Royale

  • In The Second Stage

The 15 players who finished the first stage continue and they will be divided into 5 tables with 3 players at each table. Also, at this stage, the players play against the clock – for 5 minutes or until there is one player left at the table. A player who succeeds in knocking out another player wins the bounty on his head and thus can increase his total winnings in the tournament.

If after the 5 minutes are over and there is more than one player at the table, the game switches to the automatic all-in mode for the remaining players, until there is only one player left who will go to stage 3 – the final table.

Level 2 Battle Royale

  • Third Stage

The final table starts with 5 players (all the players at the final table win prizes) playing normal poker until there is one player left who will knock them all out and win the first-place prize along with the bounty he has accumulated.

Final Table Battle Royale

Tournament Rules:

  • Only available in Texas Hold’em Poker.
  • The tournament starts as soon as 30 players have registered.
  • The initial amount of chips – 1,000 (50BB).
  • Blinds go up 3 minutes in stages 1 and 3, and 2 minutes in stage 2.
  • Stage 1 – lasts 15 minutes or until only 15 players remain in the tournament.
  • Step 2 – 5 minutes.
  • Stage 3 – Until we have a winner.
  • All players at the final table win prizes.
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How to Register For The Battle Royale Game on 7XL Poker?

In the main menu click on Battle Royale marked by the red arrow in the picture.

Click on Battle Royale in the menu

On the next screen, choose the entry fee amount you want to pay $0.25, $1, $3, $10, and click Join Now

Choose the entry fee that suits you for Battle Royale

Confirm your choice by clicking on Register. as soon as there are 30 players the tournament will start. Good luck!

Register to Battle Royale

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Watch Battle Royale Game

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