The Main Event of WSOP 2023 Online Championship

The Online Poker Tournament with the Largest Prize Pool Ever

The WSOP 2023 Online Poker Championship is reaching its climax, and it's the Main Event with a $5,000 entry fee and a guaranteed prize pool of $25,000,000 that's capturing the most attention.

Over 6,000 players participated in the various qualifying tournaments that have taken place over the past few days, all vying for a chance to make it to the final day, D2. To qualify for the finals, players needed to be among the last 12% remaining at their respective tables out of the total number of players who began that tournament. (To clarify, if 100 players started the day, the tournament would conclude as soon as only 12 players were left, and those players would qualify for the D2 finals day).

The tournament's high demand and the large number of registrants (over 6,000) have led to a new record for the highest prize pool ever in an online poker tournament, a staggering $28,609,250. This surpasses the previous record of $27,559,500.

Day 1 of the tournament saw the participation of professional poker players who not only competed but also qualified for Day 2. Notable names such as Fedor Holz, Tony Lin, Ha KoJleHu, Anatoly Filatov, Gabriel Moura, Kazuki Ikeuchi, and Damian Salas, the champion of the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas in 2020, were among the participants.

Main Tournament Structure – $5,000 Entry Fee:

  • Entry Fee: $5,000
  • Initial Chip Count: 60,000 chips.
  • Starting Blinds: 100 – 200 with an ante of 25
  • Blind Levels: 25 minutes each
  • Total Guaranteed Prizes: $25,000,000

Final Stage – D2:

  • The tournament will commence on 2.10.23 at 18:00
  • Blinds: 6,000 – 12,000 with an ante of 1,500.
  • Blind Levels: 30 minutes each
  • Total Prize Pool: $28,609,250
  • Number of Players: 761.

How to Participate in the Main Tournament for Just $1?

Given the substantial $5,000 entry fee, most poker players cannot directly register for the first day of the tournament to compete for the substantial prizes on offer. However, online poker players on GG, 7XL or Natural8 pokers platforms, have the opportunity to participate in satellite tournaments with significantly lower entry fees. Through these satellite tournaments, they can strive to secure the coveted entry ticket.

These satellite tournaments start from as low as $1, making them accessible to players worldwide.

So, if you believe in your poker skills and have the patience to play multiple tournaments in succession, waste no time and register now on 7XL. Join one of the recommended stage tournaments, similar to the one featured in the video.

The Final Day and the Grand Winner

As previously mentioned, once all the qualifying tournaments concluded, players realized they were part of a historic event with an all-time record prize pool of $28,609,250 for an online poker tournament. The player who secures the first-place finish is guaranteed an astounding $2,783,432.88.

Here's the list of prizes for the final table players:

list of prizes for the final table players

On Monday, 2.10.23, 761 players from around the world, initiated the Day 2 the final stage on the online poker platforms 7XL, GG and Natural8. They battled fiercely until only 9 stars remained.

The climactic final table unfolded on 3.10.23 , and the following players qualified for this prestigious showdown:

List of last table main event players

After 27 hours of intense poker on the second day of the tournament and a grueling battle at the final table that lasted several hours, the victory ultimately went to Austrian player Bert Stevens, who had started the final table as the chip leader. Stevens, boasting a remarkable history with over $11,000,000 in winnings, faced off in the final showdown against Chinese amateur player Yagen Li. Li had entered the final table in sixth place with a stack of 31BB and a modest total prize history of $7,934.

In the crucial final hand, with blinds set at 2,500,000 – 5,000,000, Stevens, in the SB position, was dealt a pair of sixes, while Li held an off-suit ace of diamonds. Stevens initiated the betting with a raise to 10,500,000, prompting Li to re-raise to 30,000,000. Without hesitation, Stevens decided to go all-in, and Li made the call.

The flop came down with a K of spades, 3 of diamonds, and a K of diamonds. The turn revealed a 4 of spades, and the unhelpful river card was a 5 of hearts. With that, Stevens was declared the champion, securing a prize of $2,783,432.

Congratulations to the players on their tournament achievements. The next destination for online poker players worldwide is the WSOP round in the Bahamas.

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