Important tips for improving your poker skills

When we learned to play Texas Hold’em Poker at the first time, it seems simple and easy and maybe with some beginners luck we even won some hands. But no, this game is much more complex and highly competitive and you will have to acquire and improve your skills all the time, and to use all the tricks in your arsenal to succeed. These skills will help you many hands as possible, not only the hands you have "strong hand" like pair of aces, but also "weakness hands". Your goal is to win hands because your skills and not only because your cards.
Here are some important tips to help you become a better poker player:

  • Get to know your opponents
  • Master the art of bluffing
  • Pay attention for the position of the  players at the table.
  • Play poker online
Few Tips To Improve Your Poker Skills

Read the following four tips and improve your poker skills.

First Tip – Learn your opponents

How to learn your opponents in poker?

In poker the ultimate goal is to win all the chips of all the players and to grab the first place (If we played a poker tournament or to take all the money on the table in cash games). To achieve this win, we need to have the ability to identify recurring action patterns of the players who playing with us at the table. Which means that while we are trying to bring our best poker preform to the table, we also have to watch the different players at the table, and see how they play their hands in front of us and in front of the other players at the table. With proper analysis we will get some idea what they are likely to do when they will play some hands against us.

Being able to read your opponents accurately is the key to winning at poker. If you can't understand, anticipate, or appreciate what they think, you will not be able to predict their future moves and your chances of winning the game will decrease.

Every player has a "Tells" – a regular move he makes naturally and unconsciously as soon as he gets a strong hand, or whenever he tries to bluff. Try to identify the "Tells" of the players with you at the table.

Read the following tips how to learn the players playing with you:

  • Keep track the style of all players playing by looking at the moves they makes and the cards they holds while we reach "show down".
  • Remember all hands they played and with which cards.
  • Notice how often they placing bets or doing raises.
  • Notice the players who playing aggressive or passive.
  • Keep track players betting patterns in each betting round. If they have revealed cards, memorized the cards they had and all the moves they made.
  • Try to know what is the history of success of all players playing with you at the table. Ask if they are new players or experienced players and what their winning history.

Second Tip – Master the art of bluffing

Don't be afraid to bluff

A bluff is a poker term that refers to an action performed by a player, a bet or an all-in action with a hand that has a small chance of winning.
A poker bluff action is a way of forcing opponents to fold their hands by betting high with a weak hand. Whether you play online poker games or live poker games, "bluffing" is an important skill that must be learned to perform in order to maximize your chances of winning money and get your opponents to fold their hands.

But does the skill of bluffing come naturally? Absolutely not!

There are some tips to improve your bluff skills in poker:

  • Show your hand to your opponents even if you don't need to, especially If you have a stronger hand after they have shown their cards. This act will make them think they made the right decision by folding in this round, and this will make them think again if the situation comes back, that the probability of winning the hand is low and it's better for them to fold again.
  • Show weakness by playing passive especially after showing strength or aggression when the other players playing passive.

Third Tip – Keep track position of all players on the table

Note the position of all the players on the table

In poker, the player's position on the table is a key factor helping players to see the hands and action of other players in advance and react to them.
These are the positions we have on the poker table:

  • Button (Dealer) – The player from whom the arrangement of the players at the table begins.
  • Small Blind (SB) – The player who speaks first and is required to place a mandatory bet of half the height of the blind.
  • Big Blind (BB) – The player who speaks second and is committed to a mandatory bet of the height of the blind.
  • Under de Gun (UTG) – The player who speaks first after the SB and the BB is not obliged to gamble at all.
  • Late Position – The last players at the table before the dealer. This position has an advantage in games with 7-10 players.

Fourth Tip – Play a lot of poker

Play poker online:

Online poker is the best way to improve your poker skills. The reason is that you can play a lot of poker and be involved in a large amount of hands, thus gaining a lot of experience in reading situations which will help you understand different situations in seconds.

There are a large number of online poker platforms where you can play poker online with people from all over the world. It's completely free to join. The popular poker apps are GGPoker and in Betonline poker.

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