Which Poker Tournaments We Can Played in 7XL Poker?

As we all know 7XL Poker is a skin software of the global poker Network, GG (same games and same interface as in GG). GG Network run and operates the GGPoker app, the biggest and busiest poker application that at any given moment offers various online poker games, tournaments, and cash games.

The GG poker app is not available for online poker players in all countries. Only with the help of 7XL skin software (and some other brand of skin software), those online poker players from restricted countries were able to play in all tournaments and events which GG have to offer.

7XL with the help of GG, takes care of renewing and diversifying the games in the application all the time.

See below which tournaments you can play in 7XL today.

WSOP – World Series of Poker

Undoubtedly WSOP tournaments are the leading attraction in 7XL (as of 2020-2023). Who among us hasn't dreamed of the possibility of winning a championship bracelet from the WSOP?
The cooperation of GGPoker and the WSOP made these tournaments accessible to online poker players.
Entry fees start low at $50 and go up to $25,000 (entrance fees vary depending on the event). You must follow the announcement (visit wsop.com) about those tournaments, as they are not available all the time


Poker tournaments for advanced players. Entry fees start at $108 and go up to $1,050. The guaranteed prizes in these tournaments are high and range from $50,000 to $1,000,000.
Some of those tournaments have satellite tournaments with low entry fees, in which the players who win get an entry ticket to a main tournament (suitable for players with a low bankroll).

High Rollers

High Roller tournaments are suitable for advanced players with a high  bankroll. Some tournaments are played over two days of play. The $10,300 buy in tournament is the most popular and has a guaranteed prize pool of a minimum of $1,000,000.

This kind of a tournament is considered as a deep stack with starting amount of chips of 100,000 (200BB).

Daily Guarantee

The favorite category of tournament for players with low or medium level bankroll. Tournaments are held every day with total guaranteed prizes ranging from $2,000 ($5 entry fee) to $50,000 ($250 entry fee).

The recommended tournament is the Daily Special $10 – with a guaranteed prize pool of $7,500 and a starting chip stack of 10,000.

Bounty Hunters

For hunting enthusiasts, 7XL Poker offers bounty tournaments. The rules in bounty tournaments are simple,  each player has a prize on his head and the player who knocks out another player wins this prize.
The bounty tournaments start from an entry fee of $2.1 where $1 is a reward for eliminating a player and go up to $1,050 where $500 is the bounty for eliminating a player.


Omaha fans have a category just for them. Omaha tournament starts at $1 buy-in with $200 guaranteed prizes and a starting chip stack of 10,000 and goes up to $210 buy-in tournaments.

Also, poker players who prefer cash games / or short poker tournaments will be able to play the special 7XL poker games like Spin & Gold, All In or Fold, Battle Royale, Rush & Cash.

In Conclusion:

Tournament lovers will find in 7XL poker a large selection of tournament types to play. Every player, and no matter what his bankroll is or what game strategy he prefer to play, in 7XL he will find a tournament that suits him.

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