GGPoker Bonus Is Waiting For You

Everyone is familiar with the GG poker platform, one of the leading poker platforms in the world. Daniel Negreanu and Dan Bilzerain are its ambassadors and serve as active players who can sit with you at the table.
If you have not yet signed up for the poker platform, do so now and enjoy a bonus for your first sign up and deposit.
To get the bonus click here.

How do you get the bonus?

Very simple, you need to sign up for GGPoker platform, afterwards you will have to choose which bonus you prefer, you have two options:

  • $ 50 Free money on deposit of at least $ 20
  •  Matched Deposit – Up to $ 600

If you pick option 1, your $50 in Free Play will be awarded automatically in the form of tickets over the next six days. If you pick option 2, your bonus cash then unlocks in $5 increments as you play.

Remember, if you choose the second option, you can play in all of the following games to get your bonuses.


  • Texas Holdém
  • Omaha
  • Rush and Cash
  • Spin and Gold
  • Short Deck
  • All In or Fold
  • Tournaments
Play poker to get Bonus

If you are unfamiliar with GG's poker platform yet, you can read our article about GGPoker platform here, Also, get to know the official GGPoker team leading by Daniel Negreanu.

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